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Crawford Grill

The purpose of this project was to design in collaboration with The Historical Crawford Development Revitalization Team to create brand identity for The Crawford Jazz establishment. applications included logo, stationary, such as business card, letterhead, and envelope, Vehicle, apparel, Advertisement Poster, and Illustration of a custom building facade.

Vestis Mens Clothing

This is a redesign an existing brand. The goal was to modernize it and bring it to a consistent look across all platforms.

Soho Cinema

Using elements from the movie theaters across the United States. The brand utilizes the reel in the design and the knife and fork to convey the client's theatre theme.

Portrait Illustration

The purpose of this project was to create three different projects that focused on Portraiture, architecture, Gig Poster, and digital portrait illustration promoting the Hall of Famer, Terry Bradshaw, and soon-to-be Ben Roethlisberger.

Blue Angels Architectural Illustration

This illustration is based on the Architectural elements, rather than being a traditional building this illustration is focused on the metal design of the aircraft as well as typography creating a brand for the Blue Angels.